Bubba the duck


Carla Fitzgerald, a recent Hupy and Abraham, S.C. client, has become known for her unique situation of having a domestic duck as her service animal. Due to the severe nature of the car accident she endured, Carla suffers from PTSD. Daniel, her service animal, is a huge asset to her recovery and overall well-being.

Recently, Carla adopted another domestic duck named Bubba, who has special needs. Bubba was born with clubfeet and will have to endure a double amputation. Additionally, Bubba is in need of prosthetics to live a more comfortable and healthy life.

She has constructed temporary support devices for Bubba to use for the time being, but Carla needs financial assistance for Bubba to receive the medical care he deserves. Carla is currently selling T-shirts as a fundraising effort for Bubba’s surgery.

If you would like to help Carla and Bubba, visit this site to purchase a shirt. Carla’s testimonial can be found at this page on hupy.com


Jill Erin Wellskopf
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