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Unless you're a mechanic or someone who enjoys servicing cars as a hobby, it can be easy to put off car maintenance over the summer. However, doing so can run the potential risk of paying more down the road for repairs that could have been avoided. This is especially true during the summertime, as extreme heat can have adverse effects on your vehicle. We have broken down the most common issues cars may experience over the summer.

Most Common Causes of Car Breakdowns During Summer

Check Engine Light

The check engine light can mean many different things when it comes to your vehicle. It can range from a simple loose gas cap to something as serious as the transmission. 

The most common reasons your check engine light might be on are as follows: 

  • Airflow sensor faults

  • Oxygen sensor complications

  • Catalytic converter issues

  • Loose gas cap troubles

  • Transmission problems

  • Spark plug concerns

Since the check engine light can mean multiple things, it's best to take it into a professional as soon as possible. Being in a situation where the car is unable to drive, it's best to call a towing service. 

Dead Car Battery

While many individuals associate dead car batteries with winter, they can very well happen in the summer as well. Extreme temperatures put more stress on the battery and cause the battery fluid to evaporate. 

The most common solution to fix a dead battery is to try and jump-start it. However, if a pair of jumper cables is unavailable, call an assistant who has a pair or a towing service.  


The most common sign of a car overheating will be indicated by the temperature gauge icon. If the icon is lit, a message stating "engine overheating" may appear on the dashboard. Steam may also be coming from the hood of the car as well. 

The best way to avoid overheating is to check the coolant and add more if needed to the vehicle. If the situation is severe and the car is unable to move, a towing service would be the best option available. 

Flat Tires

With more people on the road and upticks in construction during the summer, flats are more common during the summer. With potholes being more prevalent along with other road hazards, make sure that the tires are in good shape for the road. 

While flats may be common, they are easily replaceable. Most cars come with a spare tire in the back to quickly replace, should an emergency occur while on the road. It's also good practice to check the tire pressure every once in a while to make sure you have optimal performance in the tires. 

Car breakdowns are never fun. Making it a priority to get your car serviced routinely will have you spending more time on the beach and less time at an auto repair shop. For more resources and articles, CLICK HERE. Also, visit our Facebook page for up-to-date information.

Injured in an Accident?

By following these tips, Hupy and Abraham is confident you can help prepare yourself for summer driving. But in the unfortunate event that you or a loved one is injured while driving this summer, please contact our personal injury lawyers by calling 800-800-5678 for a free, confidential, no-obligation consultation today.

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