Victims of a serious car accident in Wisconsin soon find out that the event can have extreme financial consequences. Medical and hospital treatment, rehabilitation therapies, loss of professional income or wages, car repair or replacement… when all these costs start piling up, they are a substantial drain on the victim’s finances.

The recovery process is often slow. In some cases, the insurance company will wait until the victim has reached a stage of “maximum medical improvement” before proposing a settlement.

Waiting can be hard, especially when bill collectors are calling, but there are some very good reasons to be patient. When you settle with the insurance company, they have you sign a paper wherein you waive all your rights to future compensation related to the car accident.

When should you waive all your rights? Only if...

  • You know for certain that you have reached maximum medical improvement
  • You are absolutely sure that you will have no further recurrence or complications of any injury you have sustained in the crash
  • You have a complete and final breakdown of all the expenses and losses you have had because of the accident

As long as you have doubts about any of these points, you should wait.

If any complication appears in the future (for instance, severe back pain when you return to work), you may face expensive treatment, rehabilitation and, quite possibly, the loss of your job. Having already settled with the insurance carrier, you will not be able to claim anything even though these damages directly result from your Wisconsin car accident.

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