Drive Safe and Watch For Deer!


5 Tips to Avoid Accidents with Deer

  1. Headlights: Areas with no streetlights present a greater risk of deer encounters. Using your headlights will reflect in a deer’s eyes, making them easier to spot.
  2. Timing: Dawn and dusk are usually when deer are most active. If you find yourself frequently traveling around these times, remember to be extra alert as visibility makes it more difficult to spot deer.
  3. Herds: If you see one deer, chances are other deer are close behind. Deer rarely travels alone and are packed animals by nature. Be sure to watch for other deer that may dart across the road after spotting one.
  4. Honking: Deer fixate their sights on your headlights, and honking your horn can help scare them off the road. Brake abruptly and honk your horn to avoid collisions.
  5. Swerving: If a collision is evident, it is best to brake abruptly, rather than swerve out of the way. While swerving may seem like the logical thing to do, you put yourself at more risk. Doing so can result in you veering off the road, going into oncoming traffic or causing your vehicle to barrel roll.


Injured in an Accident?

Knowing the proper procedure during a potential accident with deer is essential. While it may not be possible to alleviate all chances of an accident, implementing these procedures may avoid costly vehicle damage and personal injury. For more information and additional resources, visit our website and our Facebook page.

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