Daylight-Saving Safety Graphic

Daylight-saving time is here and even though we gain an hour, the darkness can still have a negative impact on you. Darkness can dampen people's alertness and reaction time, especially on the road.


Hupy and Abraham wants to make sure you make it safely to your destination with these tips.


Drive with extra caution. More accidents occur while it is dark outside. Drive with your lights on and make sure they are working properly. Slow down to compensate for the lack of visibility on the roads.


Remain visible if you are a pedestrian. If you are out while it is dark, bring flashlights and wear reflective gear. This will protect you and any driver nearby.


Keep your sleep cycle in check. Any disruption in your sleep pattern can make you feel fatigued. Your reaction time is decreased when you are feeling fatigued.


Injured in an Accident?

The law firm of Hupy and Abraham hopes you and your loved ones can enjoy the fall season safely. For more information and additional resources, visit our website and our Facebook page.

In the unfortunate event that you or a loved one is injured this fall season, please contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Hupy and Abraham for a free consultation at 800-800-5678 or start a live chat with us anytime at

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