Plowing snow, donating blood, helping in a shelter: some ways Hupy and Abraham gives backAt Hupy and Abraham, one of our main priorities is to give back to our communities by helping improve the lives of those who live there. The exceptional results we achieve for our clients mean nothing if we cannot disseminate that success back into the communities where our employees, clients and families live and work.

The holidays are a season of giving and a time for charity. And there are many ways that we can all give back. If you are looking for ways to contribute to the community this season, there are several things that you and your family can do that will immediately impact the lives of others.

Here are six easy ways to give back to your community this season:

  1. Shovel snow for an elderly or physically disabled neighbor.
  2. Make cards, hang decorations or sing carols for nursing home residents, or children who are spending the holidays in the hospital.
  3. Help to prepare and serve meals at a veteran’s hospital or homeless shelter.
  4. Give to a food bank. It costs approximately 40 dollars to provide a decent holiday meal for a family of four.
  5. Donate blood!
  6. Volunteer your talents. What are your strengths? Tutoring? Job interviews? Coaching? Cooking? There is surely an organization in your community that would benefit from your specific talents and skills, and allow you to give the gift of your time and talent.

Since Hupy and Abraham regularly supports charities and organizations throughout the year, the firm and its employees also prefer to find charitable ways to give back, rather than simply sending traditional holiday cards to clients.

So, each Thanksgiving and Christmas, the firm works with community members to help identify and reach out to local families in need. Attorneys and employees then spend a day or two assembling food baskets with all the ingredients a family will need to prepare a holiday meal. The firm and its employees are also excited to participate again this year in our “Battle of the Partners” giving campaign. As in years past, this is an opportunity for Hupy and Abraham employees to follow in the footsteps of the firm partners’ charitable giving. The attorneys each select their favorite charity, and employees are encouraged to donate competitively to their favorite attorney’s chosen charity.

At Hupy and Abraham, we believe in doing well by doing good—and that goes beyond the courtroom. That is why the firm has donated more than $500,000 to more than 250 worthwhile organizations in the past three years alone. In the communities we serve, there is no shortage of people in need, especially around the holidays. So in the midst of all the fun-filled holiday parties and events, please don’t forget to give back this holiday season.

All of us at Hupy and Abraham wish you a safe and joy-filled holiday and a happy new year!
Jill Erin Wellskopf
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Director of Marketing, Hupy and Abraham