Attorney Hupy’s Commitment to the Milwaukee Justice Center Fuels 2013 Expansion

It began back in 1957 as The Voluntary Defenders Program.  It was designed to provide poor people in Milwaukee County with free in-court representation. Fast forward to 2013, and this program has evolved into The Milwaukee Justice Center.

The Milwaukee Justice Center, under the auspices of The Milwaukee Bar Association, still continues to provide legal aid to Milwaukee citizens who cannot afford it.

Attorney Michael Hupy of Hupy and Abraham is a founding member of the Milwaukee Justice Center.  He recently pledged $100,000, so the less fortunate will be able to have access to the legal system.

Through a partnership between Marquette University Law School and the Milwaukee Bar Association, the Milwaukee Justice Center plans to serve over 10,000 clients this year.

 Hupy and Abraham Thanked by Milwaukee Justice Center

After making its second installment on its $100,000 pledge, Hupy and Abraham received the following note:

Dear Hupy and Abraham:

Thank you for your very generous donation of $35,000. This contribution will be used to support operations of the Milwaukee Justice Center and improve access to justice in our community. I would be pleased to set up a tour of the MJC at your convenience. Please let me know of any openings in your schedule and we will set everything up for you.

This fulfills the second installment of your wonderful pledge of $100,000 to the Milwaukee Justice Center.

Thank you for all you do to make our community a better place to live!


James D. Temmer
Executive Director
Milwaukee Bar Association Foundation Inc.

We look forward to our continued support of the Milwaukee Justice Center and the people it helps.


Jill Erin Wellskopf
Connect with me
Director of Marketing, Hupy and Abraham