5 Things You Shouldn't Overlook on Your Motorcycle

Spring can be an exciting time for motorcycle riders who have been cooped up all winter. We can finally get our bikes back on the road since the weather is warmer and riding conditions are better. Making sure your bike is ready to ride is of utmost importance for your safety and the safety of those around you. Here are five things you shouldn’t overlook before your first motorcycle ride of the season:

  1. Check bike for small animals and other debris: Small animals like mice are known for setting up nests in exhaust or air intake systems. Make sure these areas are clear before you start your bike.
  2. Inspect spark plugs: Make sure the gaps in the spark plugs have the proper spacing and replace worn plugs right away.
  3. Look over electrical system: Gauges, switches, lights and turn signals should all be working before you set off on your ride. You don’t want to be in the middle of a ride and realize your gas gauge is malfunctioning or your headlight doesn’t work.
  4. Measure bike’s fluids: Your fluids all need to be at the proper levels. Check that your gasoline, hydraulic and brake fluids didn’t deteriorate over the winter. Also look at the color of each fluid and replace any that look dirty or different from the color of new fluid.
  5. Examine bike for loose bolts: After everything else is checked, inspect your bike’s bolts to make sure they are all tight. Take your bike for a short test ride to make sure there are no unusual rumblings or vibrations.

These are five things that can easily be overlooked. Checking these components and making sure your bike is ready to ride is very important to help maintain safety on the road, especially before your first ride of the season.

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