Children Performing at COA Parents of the Year Luncheon

COA Youth & Family Centers held its 37th Annual Parents of the Year Luncheon at the Italian Community Center in Milwaukee on August 12, 2019. Firm President Attorney Michael Hupy and his wife, Suzanne, were in attendance, along with other Hupy and Abraham employees. Hupy and Abraham was a Luncheon Sponsor.

Attorney Michael Hupy and his wife, Suzanne, have been proud supporters of COA for several years. In 2017, they were the Parents of the Year honorees for their excellence in parenting and COA support. Attorney Hupy also serves on the board of directors for COA and was a steering committee member for the 2019 Parents of the Year event.

Since 1906, COA has offered programs to Milwaukee children and families to help build a stronger community. The organization has helped thousands as one of the leading providers of services and resources. Charity Navigator, an independent assessment organization, placed COA as the number one ranked charity in Wisconsin.

Each year has COA honoring parents with qualities they value including leadership, community service and commitment to family. Denise and Jim Rasche and Margie and John Margolies were the 2019 honorees. Both couples showed their deep support of COA’s “HIPPY” program, one of the organization’s most successful endeavors.

The afternoon also distributed a program participant award named after Ethel Nutis Gill. Rosalva Orozco was recognized as a mother to two HIPPY graduates and one incoming child. She was used as a prime example to others of the experience participants have in COA programs, and the successes it creates.

COA Youth & Family Centers has been a fixture in the Milwaukee area by helping many families learn skills to improve their lives. Hupy and Abraham is a proud partner of COA and all that it does for the community. The firm has also sponsored COA’s Skyline Music Series for several years.

Jill Erin Wellskopf
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