The 2014 “Bike MS: Toyota Best Dam Bike Ride” took place August 2-3 to raise funds for persons suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS). Over 1,500 participants rode 204 miles Saturday and Sunday bicycling throughout southeastern Wisconsin.

Patrick Wirth, a colleague of Attorney Michael Hupy, wrote a personal letter thanking Hupy and Abraham for the law firm’s support. Wirth personally raised almost $4,000 while his team -- the "Peppy Pedalers" -- raised over $50,000. The entire weekend brought in over $1 million to help those suffering from MS.  The Peppy Pedalers had at least seven members with MS participate in the ride.

Wirth included a heartfelt letter from Dan Erschen, the team leader from Peppy Peddlers, who suffers from MS himself. Erschen has been devoting much of his time and resources to helping others with MS. In his letter recap, he discussed the challenges and the fun experience the ride brought him over the weekend.Toward the end of his recap, Erschen wrote, “What if the cure for MS comes from duplicating the love and joy that was experienced and shared this weekend?  Wouldn’t that make the world a better place?  Personally, I can tell that this is the closest thing to a cure I’ve experienced in all the years and in all I’ve studied and learned about MS through the years.  Please continue to do your part as you just did this weekend and I’ll continue to do mine.  Who knows, perhaps we’ll make progress very quickly?  Even if we don’t, the world will continue to be a better place.”

The positivity he exudes gives hope to others, and proves that MS is worth fighting by all. Hupy and Abraham, S.C. has supported over 100 worthwhile causes and donated over $500,000 in the past three years.


Jill Erin Wellskopf
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