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  • I can’t work because of my dog bite injuries. Can I recover for my lost income?

    You shouldn’t have to watch your income fail because of your dob bite injury

    Yes. If you were bitten by a dog in Wisconsin and you require time off from work for the treatment of or recuperation from your injuries, then you may recover for any income that you were unable to earn during your treatment and recovery.

    What’s Included in Lost Income?

    Sec. 174.02(1)(a) of the Wisconsin Statutes provides that subject to certain exceptions, “the owner of a dog is liable for the full amount of damages caused by the dog injuring or causing injury to a person…” Additionally, Sec. 174.02(1)(b) provides that the dog owner must provide double damages if the dog broke the skin or caused permanent scarring or disfigurement and the dog owner had prior notice that the dog had previously bitten without provocation and broken the skin or caused permanent scarring or disfigurement.

    The amount that you can recover for lost income depends on your unique situation. The insurance company with which you are trying to settle or the court hearing your case is going to want specific evidence to determine the exact value of your lost income. That said, you and your attorney should consider whether you have lost:

    • Wages.
    • Benefits.
    • Bonuses.
    • Income from being self-employed.

    Additionally, you should consider whether you are likely to lose future income because of your dog bite injuries.

    Your compensation for lost income should include all of your past and future lost income that you are able to prove. Evidence of lost income may include, but is not limited to:

    • Medical records showing that you can’t work.
    • Pay stubs, tax returns, and other paperwork showing what you earned prior to the dog bite.
    • Written evidence of bonus structures and benefits.
    • Expert witness testimony about the likelihood of your future lost income.

    Recovering the full amount of damages that you deserve for lost income can be difficult, but it is not impossible. For more information about recovering full and fair damages for your dog bite injury, we encourage you to contact our experienced Wisconsin dog bite lawyers for a free consultation. We are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week—simply start a live chat or call us at 1-800-800-5678 today for more information.

  • My child was bitten by a dog at her Wisconsin day care. Who is going to pay for her medical bills and other damages?

    Your day care facility should be alert to dangers when kids play with dogsSince it was not your dog that bit your child, you may have a claim against the owner of the dog, and in some instances against your child’s day care.

    Liability of the Dog Owner

    In Wisconsin, dog owners are strictly liable for damages if their dog bites a person. Your child should be able to recover for the full amount of the damages she sustained because of the dog bite. If the dog had previously hurt a person, then your daughter may be able to recover double damages for her injuries according to the Wisconsin dog bite statute.

    Liability of the Day Care Center

    If the dog was in the control of the day care or a daycare worker, then the day care may also be responsible for your child’s injuries. A day care may be liable pursuant to:

    • The dog bite statute described above, since harborers or keepers of dogs are treated as if they are dog owners.
    • Common law, if the day care was negligent in allowing the dog to be around the children. For example, if the day care failed to have the dog on leash or knew that the dog could be aggressive, then the day care may have failed to provide your child with reasonable care by allowing the dog around your young child.

    Many children love dogs and are excited to see these beloved family pets at day care. However, dog owners and day cares have a duty to protect children from any potential harm. If your child has been hurt by a dog at a Wisconsin day care, then it is important to act quickly to protect your child’s rights and potential recovery. Please start a live chat with us today to learn more.

  • Who should pay for my medical bills if I was attacked by a cat and I developed cat scratch disease?

    You ask an important question, because cat scratch disease can lead to serious complications for some people. While some people with cat scratch disease may be treated on an outpatient basis with antibiotics or without medication, there are others who suffer rare, but serious consequences from the infection.

    Generally, children under the age of five and people with weakened immune systems are at higher risk of developing serious complications from cat scratch disease. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) some of these complications may include problems with the:

    • Brain.
    • Eyes.
    • Heart.
    • Internal organs.

    These complications may require extensive, and expensive, medical treatment.

    It May Be the Cat’s Owner Who Should Pay for Treatment

    If the cat owner knew—or should have known—that the cat could be aggressive, then the cat owner might be responsible for any injuries caused when the cat scratched or bit you. For example, if the cat had a history of hissing or putting its back up when strangers came into the home then it is reasonable to expect that the cat might bite.

    In such a situation, the cat owner might be responsible for paying your medical bills if you develop cat scratch disease or another medical complication.

    How to Get the Recovery That You Deserve

    While the cat owner may be liable for your injuries, the cat owner (or his insurer) may need some convincing to pay for your injuries. An experienced animal bite lawyer can help you protect your rights and make sure that cat scratch disease does not cause you financial hardship. To learn more, please contact us directly via this website to schedule a free consultation.

  • How will I be able to afford scar revision surgery after a dog bite injury?

    You want the scar revision surgery. You’ve already talked to your doctor about the potential benefits and risks of the procedure, and you have made the decision that the scar revision surgery will help you. It will make your scar less noticeable, it will make you more self-confident, and it will help you succeed in the future.

    But How Will You Pay For It?

    Your health insurance has informed you that the procedure is not covered. Your insurance company won’t pay for it because they do not see any medical benefit to the procedure.

    Facial scar revision surgery may not improve your physical health, but it could significantly and dramatically improve your emotional health and your ability to function in society. Accordingly, it is important to think about the need for future surgeries before you settle your dog bite case. Your doctors or other expert witnesses may recommend that you wait to have these important medical procedures, but they can help you and your lawyer anticipate:

    • The types of procedures that you will need.
    • The financial costs of these procedures.
    • The anticipated success of these procedures.
    • The recovery time associated with these procedures.

    Then you and your lawyer should fight to have these things included in your dog bite settlement, so that any future facial scar revision procedures are not paid for out of your own pocket.

    It can be difficult to predict the future, but it is important to anticipate the scar revision surgeries that you will need and to plan accordingly. To learn more, or for help with your dog bite case, please start a live chat with us today.

  • I was bitten by a dog. The owner apologized and said the dog was a rescue. Is that a valid legal defense?

    No, there is no exception or defense in the law for dogs that are rescues. Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois dog bite statutes do not differentiate between dogs that have been rescued from pounds, puppy mills, or other locations and those that have been bred with love and good care.

    Dog Owners Are Responsible for Their Dogs’ Actions

    This is true regardless of how the dog owner came to own the dog. Regardless of an animal’s upbringing or prior homes, any dog can bite a person. If a rescue dog has bitten you, then your right to recovery is the same as if you were bitten by any other dog, and you may be able to recover if you were bitten and injured. The amount of damages that you can recover may depend on things such as:

    • Whether you dog hurt anyone else before he attacked you.
    • The specific injuries that you suffered such as scarring, infection, or disfigurement.
    • The amount of your medical expenses and lost wages.

    Generally, you may be able to recover damages from the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance if you have been injured.

    Now Is the Time to Protect Your Rights

    If you have been injured by a rescue dog, or any other dog, then now is the time to protect your rights. Please download a FREE copy of our dog bite brochure today and please fill out our online contact form to schedule a free, no obligation meeting with one of our experienced lawyers.


  • What home remedies can I use for cellulitis that I have developed after a dog bite?

    Dogs are cute and cuddly. They can never do any harm, right?

    Wrong. Unfortunately, dogs are not always as cute and cuddly as they may seem. A dog can actually be quite vicious and aggressive, which can lead to an innocent person becoming the victim of a dog bite. Sadly, a large number of these bites are a result of a negligent owner or caretaker.

    We commonly forget that dogs are animals and carry bacteria that can be extremely dangerous to humans. When the dangerous bacteria enters the human body during a dog bite, the result will often be a serious infection. One of those common infections is called cellulitis, and it is caused when staphylococcus bacteria overwhelm the body’s defenses.

    Cellulitis can be treated with antibiotics by a healthcare professional, but it should also be treated at home. To help recovery and keep cellulitis from coming back, a dog bite victim who is suffering from cellulitis should:

    • Take meds. It is important that all prescribed medication is taken as directed.
    • Use proper skin care. Keep the infected area clean. This will help with the healing process and prevent any other conditions from developing.
    • Elevate. If possible, keep the affected area elevated to reduce any swelling that might be present.
    • Use pain relievers prudently. The infection or the bite itself may cause the victim to experience pain. Over-the-counter or prescription pain relievers can be taken to help alleviate the pain.


    As a dog bite victim you have legal options. If you would like more information about your options call 800-800-5678 today or follow the related links.

  • I was bitten by a cat and the bite became infected. Will the cat owner’s insurance cover my medical bills?


    Liability for a cat bite injury depends on many factors: where you were when you were bitten, whether you provoked the bite, the cat’s temperament, and local and state laws. Whether an insurance company covers a bite will also depend on the cat owner’s insurance policy. Each situation is different. Here are some examples:

    • You decide to cut through your neighbor’s yard on your way to the park. You startle her sleeping cat, and the cat responds by biting. In this case, you were trespassing on the cat owner’s property. It is unlikely that the cat owner will be found liable for your injury.
    • You are visiting a friend who has a temperamental cat. She shuts the cat in a bedroom, but her husband goes in and forgets to close the door. The cat escapes and bites your child. In this case, the cat owner knew the cat was dangerous and failed to take proper precautions to prevent injury.
    • Your neighbor’s cat walks into your house through an open door. You are allergic to cats so you try to shoo it out. The cat bites you. Your neighbor may be liable because the cat was off her property.


    In Iowa, a cat owner has the responsibility to report the bite to the local health department or a law enforcement officer. An animal control officer will investigate the bite and determine if the victim is at risk of contracting rabies. But Iowa law has little to say about liability for bites from animals other than dogs.

    If you were seriously injured by a cat, the best thing to do is to talk to a personal injury attorney who is familiar with local and state animal bite laws. The attorney will determine if you have a case and whether there is compensation available through the cat owner’s home insurance, renter’s insurance, animal insurance, or car insurance policy. To discuss your case, please call Hupy and Abraham at 800-800-5678.

  • How do I know whether or not my child should seek professional help for emotional trauma following a dog bite?

    Because a large number of dog bite victims are children, it is important to know how to deal with children who have been bitten. It is hard for a parent to see her child going through the physical and mental anguish caused by a dog bite. It may be instinctual to get upset and deal only with the actions of the dog. However, it is equally important to deal with what the child is going through.

    The mental anguish that a child sustains after a dog attack is often overlooked due to the fact that it is unseen. With a physical wound, it is easy to see what needs to be done and action is taken. Parents should take the time to discuss what the child is going through. The child may even need to seek professional help for his emotional trauma.

    Common signs that a child may need professional help are:

    • Your child becomes withdrawn. Suffering from emotional trauma caused by a dog bite may lead to the child becoming very withdrawn or easily irritated. This may be an indication that the child should seek professional help.
    • School problems arise. One very common sign that a child shows when going through emotional trauma is problems at school. His success in classes may suddenly decrease, or he may show new difficulty in social relationships.
    • The child expresses fear or anxiety. Watch for any new fears or anxieties that the child did not previously have. He may develop an unhealthy fear of dogs or other animals.

    Don’t let the actions of another person’s dog go unanswered. You can seek legal action by contacting Hupy and Abraham at 800-800-5678 today. At your request, we will send you a FREE copy of our dog bite brochure explaining actions you can take on behalf of your child’s future wellbeing.

    Do you have a friend whose child was attacked by a dog in Wisconsin, Illinois, or Iowa? Share this article and help your friend’s family get the healing they need.

  • I am a dog bite victim suffering from severe bite wounds. Do you have any tips to help lower the severity of scarring?

    When we think of dogs, we rarely think of a vicious animal that can cause severe damage to a victim. Unfortunately, there are dogs that are aggressive and will attack a person. It is important to keep this in mind when you are around unfamiliar dogs. Sadly, much of the time an attacking dog can’t be stopped.

    The sharp teeth of a dog can easily puncture through the skin of a human. The combination of sharp teeth and a powerful jaw means severe wounds. If well taken care of, the severe wounds from a dog attack may heal without infection. However, this does not mean they will not leave a scar.

    Many dog bite victims look for ways to treat their scars once the wound has healed. Three ways you can treat your dog bite scars are:

    • Creams, ointment, or gels. These topical products can be used to treat the scar that has been caused by the dog bite. There are many types of topical scar products on the market today. It is wise to consult with a physician before use.
    • Surgery. Modern medicine has given us a wide variety of surgical options to treat scars; the best choice will need to be decided on a case-by-case basis in consultation with your reconstructive surgeon. The surgical treatment may include skin grafts, excision, dermabrasion, or laser surgery.
    • Injections. For scars that stick out, a steroid injection may be used. This may be used in combination of other forms of treatment.


    Being a victim of a dog bite does means you may have a cause of action against the pet owner whose failure to control his animal makes him responsible for your inquires. As a dog bite victim, you may be entitled to compensation. To discuss your legal options, call a Green Bay dig bite attorney at 800-800-5678 today.

  • My neighbor has a very territorial cat. He often hisses as I walk to my house. I try to avoid him, but last week he was in my yard and he bit me. Are cat owners liable for injuries caused by their cats?

    Sometimes. In order for the owner of a domesticated animal to be liable for his pet’s bite, the owner must know or have reason know that the animal is likely to bite.

    If a cat is normally peaceful, an owner would not expect the cat to bite. But if a cat is territorial and hisses at others, there is good reason to believe that the cat may bite in the future. In this case, the owner has a responsibility to keep his cat from harming others. If he doesn’t, he could liable for any injury that results.

    Signs that a cat is abnormally aggressive:

    • The cat has previously attacked or tried to attack a person without provocation
    • The cat bristles its fur and growls when strangers come into the home
    • The cat growls, hisses, howls, or yowls at others


    Bear in mind that even a normally docile cat can bite. While a responsible cat owner is familiar with his pet’s personality, he realizes that even the gentlest cat can be dangerous if it is hurt, sick, angry, or frightened. A responsible cat owner takes steps to protect others from the cat in these situations. If an owner does not use reasonable care to prevent cat bites, he may be held liable for any injuries.

    Some examples where an owner may be responsible for a cat bite:

    • A bookstore owner brings his cat to his shop despite a history of growling and hissing at strangers. The cat bites a child who reaches past it for a book.
    • An owner of an aggressive cat allows his cat to roam free. The cat bites a neighbor who offers it a saucer of milk.
    • A visitor to the cat’s home is bitten. The cat has bitten before and the bite required medical treatment.


    If a cat bit you and you think the owner may be liable for your injuries, your first step should be to contact a Wausau personal injury attorney. The attorney will let you know if you have a case. To schedule a free consultation, call Hupy and Abraham at 800-800-5678.