There are many factors to consider when deciding which car accident lawyer should represent you in a personal injury claim. However, before you decide which lawyer to hire, or to consult with, it is important to know that an attorney who charges for an initial consultation is not necessarily in higher demand nor is he necessarily a better lawyer than an attorney who offers a free consultation.

Our attorneys, for example, have more than 170 years of combined legal experience. We have recovered millions of dollars for car accident victims and other personal injury victims. Our time is valuable, but we believe in offering free consultations because:

  • We want our clients to make informed decisions. We believe that every car accident victim deserves to know about his or her rights without paying for that information. At our initial consultations, we will provide our clients with valuable information about their rights, about how the law applies to their case, and about their potential recoveries.
  • We want our clients to be confident in the decisions they are making. You should not feel an obligation to hire a specific lawyer after an initial consultation simply because you paid the attorney for his or her time. Instead, you should hire a lawyer because you feel confident that the attorney will represent your best interests and work hard to get you the recovery that you deserve.

We believe that every accident victim should be able to learn about his or her rights for free. Accordingly, we encourage you to get a FREE copy of our book, The Ultimate Guide for Car Accident Victims, and to call us directly at 800-800-5678 if you would like to schedule a free consultation.

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