It can be scary enough to be in a car accident when you aren’t pregnant. It can be downright terrifying to be in a car accident while you are pregnant. How do you know that your unborn baby is really okay when you can’t see or touch him?

Since you may not be able to know whether your unborn child is okay right away, it is important to call your doctor as soon as possible. If you are taken to the emergency room then it is important to request that you are seen by an OB/GYN and to call your regular doctor. Prompt medical care may be important for you, your baby, or both.

While your doctor is one important call that you should make, it may also be important to call:

  • 911 or local first responders. This will alert the police to the accident so that an investigation may be done—and more importantly, allow medical first responders to come and help you get to the hospital as quickly as possible.
  • Your partner or a loved one. It may be important to contact the baby’s other parent who someone who can support you during this difficult time.
  • An experienced Rockford car accident lawyer. Your lawyer may be able to help you get the recovery that you deserve after an accident.

For more information about what to do after an Illinois car accident, please call a Rockford car accident attorney today at 815-877-3900 or 800-390-6350.

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