Nursing home abuse is not only tragic for your loved one who has suffered the physical pain of the abuse, but it can also be difficult for your entire family. You may all be struggling emotionally and eager to know what you can do to protect your loved one now and prevent other families from experiencing this horror in the future.

Here’s What You Can Do

You can fight back against nursing home abuse and neglect by:

  • Reporting the abuse or neglect to the appropriate government agency. In Wisconsin, you should report the abuse to the appropriate agency in your county. A list of Wisconsin county agencies that handle reports of elder abuse and neglect can be found on the Wisconsin Department of Health Services website. Of course, if you believe that your loved one or another resident is in imminent danger, then you should call 911.
  • Holding the nursing home accountable. Nursing homes many not make the necessary safety changes unless they are forced to do so or they see it as a smart financial decision. You can help advance these changes by knowing your loved one’s legal rights and pursuing appropriate legal action for abuse and neglect injuries.
  • Raising awareness of the problem. Many people may not be aware of the danger of nursing home abuse or neglect until their own family member is hurt. You can be an advocate for change and support safety measures and public awareness campaigns so that, together as a community, we may protect our nursing home residents.

Your loved one has been hurt. This makes nursing home abuse your fight. However, it is not yours alone. Please share this frequently asked question on Facebook and getting others involved in the protection of nursing home residents.

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