If the adjuster assigned to your case won’t give you a fair settlement, it’s time for your lawyer to take the leadYou know how much you hurt every single day because of your car accident injuries, but the insurance adjuster does not. You understand the panic you feel about paying your bills when you are out of work because of your car accident injuries, but the insurance adjuster does not. You experience the sadness and emotional stress of no longer being able to fully participate in your family life or personal interests, but the insurance adjuster does not.

You realize why you asked for the insurance settlement that you did, and the insurance adjuster may too, but he is telling you that he can’t authorize the settlement amount that you requested. Now it is up to you to fight for the recovery that you deserve and here are the ways that you can do it.

Talk to Someone Else

This insurance adjuster may be unable—or unwilling—to authorize the settlement that you have requested, but someone else in the insurance company may be able to approve the settlement as long as the settlement does not exceed the insured’s policy limits. Accordingly, you may ask to speak to a supervisor…and you may continue going up the chain of command until you talk to the person who has the company’s authorization to settle your claim for its fair value.

Stop Negotiating on Your Own and Turn This Over to a Personal Injury Lawyer

Insurance companies rarely take unrepresented claimants seriously. The insurance company profits by paying out as little as possible in claims. When a claimant is not represented by an attorney the insurance company often tries to settle for less than a fair settlement amount. However, you have the right to work with an experienced car accident lawyer who both understands your legal rights and the nuances of negotiating with insurance adjusters.

Pursue a Lawsuit

Sometimes insurance adjusters and others in the insurance company are just unwilling to settle for a fair amount. Many times an attorney can convince them to do so; however, if a fair settlement is not possible, then you should consider protecting your rights in court.

Your time to file a car accident lawsuit is limited. Do not delay taking action. Instead, take the necessary steps to protect your settlement or court recovery today.

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