Your unborn child may be hurt or killed due to an Iowa vehicle accidentYour child was not yet born at the time of your crash, and thus does not have all of the same legal rights that a person has after an accident. However, if your unborn child was hurt because of someone else’s negligence, then you may be able to pursue a legal claim against the person who caused the injuries.

Three Steps to Take If You Are in a Car Accident While Pregnant

You may not immediately know if your unborn child has been hurt because of the accident. Accordingly, it is important to take the following steps when you are in a crash while pregnant:

  • Get medical help. A doctor should take care of any of your injuries and determine whether there is placenta abruption, premature labor, or any other pregnancy-related complication because of the crash.
  • Follow your doctors’ orders. This may help minimize any permanent damage to you or your child.
  • Talk to an attorney. The legal issues surrounding injury or death of an unborn child are complicated. Generally, in Iowa, an estate may not be established if your unborn child dies. However, you may be able to recover for your loss as an expectant parent. Additionally, if your child suffers complications from the accident after birth then an attorney may be able to help your child get the damages, and thus the care, that your child needs.

You can’t avoid traveling by car while you are pregnant, and you can’t prevent someone else’s negligence from hurting you or your unborn child. However, you can control what you do next if you suffer this type of car accident injury. Please state a live chat with us now to learn more about your rights and about the actions you can take.

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