Tire From a Blow Out Wreck in Illinois

Liability for the car accident may seem clear to you. You did not cause the crash. The other driver’s tire blow out caused the driver to lose control of his vehicle and hit you. Therefore, you are not the one who should have to pay for your car accident injuries.

Who Should Pay for Your Car Accident Injuries?

After a tire blowout, the answer may be more complicated than it is in other types of car crash cases. Some of the potential defendants in a tire blowout accident may include:

  • The driver. Drivers are responsible for making sure their vehicles are safe to drive. This includes regularly checking the tires to watch for signs of wear and tear and monitoring tire pressure.
  • The tire manufacturer. If the tire manufacturer designed, made, or marketed a defective tire, and the defect caused the tire blowout accident, then the manufacturer may be legally responsible for the accident injuries.
  • Car maintenance provider. Overinflated or underinflated tires can make blowouts more likely. If your car was serviced and the tires were not properly inflated, then the maintenance person could be at fault for the crash.

Before you can recover damages, you have to identify the person or company responsible for the crash.

How an Illinois Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

Our experienced Illinois car accident attorneys can conduct thorough investigations to determine exactly what happened and who bears the legal responsibility for your crash injuries. It may be one person or multiple people who should pay for your car accident damages. We know how to determine liability and how to negotiate with the right people to make sure that you get the recovery that you deserve.

It won’t cost you anything upfront to work with us. We are pleased to offer free consultations and proud to provide you with our Win or It’s Free Guarantee. Call us or start a live chat with us at any time to find out more.

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