Wisconsin chain-reaction crashes occur when one driver suddenly stops and other drivers are not able to react in time to prevent a crash. Who is responsible when you are involved in a car accident like this? Who is at fault? Who pays the damages?

Accidents involving multiple vehicles are complicated. They are rarely the fault of just one driver. In some cases, the driver in front may be the one to blame. Maybe he stopped because his tires were in bad shape and one blew out.

Or maybe, the driver in front of you stopped because a deer was in the road. He had no choice. You thought that you were able to brake in time, but the car behind did not. You were pushed into the car in front.

You were involved in a multi-vehicle crash, it is a good idea to consult with an Appleton accident lawyer. The attorney will use information from police reports, eyewitnesses, car damage, and injuries as well as and any photos of the scene to reconstruct the accident and determine who is to blame. He’ll determine why the accident happened, if any laws were broken, and if anyone was following too closely. If more than one driver is at fault, the lawyer can determine each driver’s percentage of liability. He’ll help you file the claim against one or more insurance companies, so you can get all the compensation you are due.

It is the ultimate goal of the police and any insurance companies involved to determine each party’s fault in the car accident. This is usually done by a percentage, and it is what will determine how much of the damages and repairs each driver will be required to pay.

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