The truth is that many people suffer from back injuries after being involved in a Milwaukee car accident. Many victims try to dismiss their injuries as just a part of being in an accident. They often times do not take the appropriate steps in order to recover from a back injury. By not taking immediate steps to recovery, the back injury will not get better, and often times only gets worse.

There are many myths surrounding back injuries. Dispelling these myths is important to the health and recovery of accident victims. Three of the common myths associated with back injuries and car accidents are:

  • I had no pain, so I can’t be injured. Many accident victims believe that because they do not have any immediate pain they are not injured. This is not true. It is not uncommon for pain to show up much later. It can take up to ten days for there to be any pain associated with the injury.
  • My car is not damaged, so I can’t have a back injury. The lack of damage on a vehicle does not have any correlation with a back injury. Many times the cars collide at the bumper. Bumpers can be hit very hard without revealing any damage.
  • My pain will go away with a little rest and pain meds. Back injuries are complex. They can require a lot of time and professional treatment before the pain goes away. Simply taking pain medication and resting may take the immediate edge off but will not always heal the back.

If you have been in an auto accident, seek medical attention right away to ensure you safety. Once you are cleared by a doctor, it is important to seek compensation. To discuss your legal options, contact a Wisconsin car accident lawyer at Hupy and Abraham S.C. Call 800-800-5678 today for a free case evaluation.

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