Losing someone who is close to you is extremely painful, no matter the cause. Losing a loved one due to someone else’s mistake is not only painful but also infuriating.

If you are dealing with a wrongful death, you may be hurt, angry and confused. Auto accidents happen in a matter of seconds, and it can take investigators months to piece together exactly what happened and why.

Sometimes you know exactly who is to blame. If, for example, a drunk driver lost control and smashed into your family member’s vehicle, there is little doubt in your mind what caused your loved one’s death and whom to sue in a Illinois wrongful death claim.

Unfortunately, it’s not always so easy to determine the cause of the accident. For example, whom do you list as a defendant in a Rockford accident where:

  • The other driver also died.
  • Multiple drivers and injuries were involved.
  • A commercial vehicle was involved.
  • Poorly constructed roads or road construction was a factor.
  • Bad weather was a factor.
  • An air bag failed to deploy.
  • Your loved one was partly to blame.

If you’re unsure how to proceed with a confusing wrongful death claim, you may want to contact a skilled Rockford wrongful death attorney who can investigate your situation and help you put together a proper lawsuit.

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