You feel as if there is no way that your grief is ever going to end or that the suffering in your life will ever cease. However, if you have lost a loved one in an Iowa accident, then you may be wondering how long it takes to settle an Iowa wrongful death claim.

Our Iowa wrongful death lawyers wish that we could give you a date by which your claim would be settled. Unfortunately, that is not how it works. Every case is different. However, we can give you some hints on how to settle an Iowa wrongful death claim both quickly and fairly. Specifically, we encourage you to:

  • Know what your case is worth. It does you no good to settle a case quickly if the recovery that you are getting is unfairly low.
  • Understand that the insurance company wants to settle quickly. Often insurance companies want to settle quickly. They think that you will take less money to settle your Iowa wrongful death claim if they get you to settle while your grief is still raw and before you have consulted an Iowa wrongful death attorney.
  • Contact an Iowa wrongful death lawyer. You don’t have to wait and you don’t have to try to settle your own Iowa wrongful death claim. Instead, you have the right to work with an experienced wrongful death attorney in Iowa.

For more information about settling your Iowa wrongful death claim fairly and quickly, please call an experienced Iowa wrongful death lawyer today at 888-807-2752 to schedule an initial consultation.

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