This is something almost every Wisconsin parent worries about. After all, car accidents are the leading cause of death for American teenagers. In 2011, alcohol was a factor in about 20 percent of Wisconsin teen accident deaths.

When your teen leaves home to spend the day with friends or go to a party, you want to know that he’ll be coming home safe. You can’t supervise your child every minute, buy you can you help your teenager make smart choices when it comes to drinking and driving. Here are some suggestions from the Madison personal injury attorneys at Hupy and Abraham.

  • Talk to your teen about the risks of drunk driving. Discuss the effects of alcohol and how these effects can impact your ability to react and make good decisions while driving. Remind him that it is illegal to drink before age 21.
  • Talk about resisting peer pressure. Role-play possible scenarios where your child may feel that he has to accept a ride from a friend who has been drinking.
  • Tell your teen that you are available to provide a safe ride home at any time in any situation.
  • Teen will naturally rebel if parents make too many rules. Work together to set the rules for driving and riding with friends. Agree on consequences if the rules aren’t followed.

For more information about preventing teen accidents and what to do after a Wisconsin car crash, visit the library section of this website. If you’d like to discuss a Madison car accident, please call Hupy and Abraham at 888-277-4879. We offer free consultations.

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