The enjoyment of a vacation may turn tragic when an accidental death cuts short the holiday.  Family and loved ones may suffer due to losing someone while they are on vacation. While any death at any time is hard to deal with, suddenly losing someone while they are miles away from home is especially hard.

Whether the death came from a drowning, vehicle accident, or slip and fall, the death may be caused by negligent behavior. If you have lost a loved one while she was on vacation, you need to hold the responsible party accountable for his actions.

Some of the parties that can be named in a wrongful death claim while they loved one was on vacation are:

  • Resort. The resort or hotel where the deceased was staying has a responsibility to provide its guests with a safe place to stay and relax. When management and staff act in a negligent manner, their actions may lead to a death.
  • Rental company. There are many types of rentals that one may obtain while on vacation, including passenger vehicles, personal watercraft, boats, or all-terrain vehicles. The rental company should have provided a vehicle that is safe for the customer to use.
  • Instructor. Vacation often includes enjoying a fun new experience such as surfing, scuba diving, parasailing, or skydiving. These activities must be supervised by a well-informed and properly educated instructor for participants to be safe.

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