Indeed it does.

Many Americans feel that they don’t have enough time in a day to complete what they need to do. It is a very on-the-go society that we live in. Most would say at some point during the day they multitask. We see people constantly on their phones texting and talking. Fast food restaurants are now a booming business, as people just want a quick bite.

Multitasking can definitely help complete daily tasks. It can also be very dangerous if done while driving a vehicle. Recent facts have proved that multitasking while driving is unsafe. Some of these facts are:

  • Cell phone usage. Studies have shown that using a cell phone while driving quadruples the risk of being involved in an accident. 
  • Time distracted. The average driver spends half the time behind the wheel in a distractive manner.
  • Children and distractions. Drivers who have children in the vehicle are four times more distracted than when the passengers are adults. They are eight times more distracted with infants as with other passengers.
  • Dangerous distractions. Texting is not the only dangerous distraction while driving. Eating, smoking and changing the radio can be just as dangerous as texting.

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