At approximately 7:25 p.m. on Saturday, October 5, 1991, Julie Basuki was traveling south in Dodge County, Wisconsin, on Highway U.S. 41, where the southbound and northbound lanes were separated by a median. A dump truck was attempting to cross from east to west and had stopped between the north and southbound lanes. The driver of the truck accelerated from a stopped position into the southbound lane and caused a truck accident with the Mazda driven by Ms. Basuki.

As a result of the accident, Ms. Basuki suffered injuries to her ankle, a broken left arm, a crushed heel, and general trauma. She was hospitalized for several weeks after the accident and required extensive rehabilitation after she was released. Her medical bills were more than $100,000, and she was left with permanent injuries.

Because Ms. Basuki was not able to do so herself, her husband contacted the personal injury lawyers at Hupy and Abraham in Milawukee right after the accident. This allowed us immediately tp start investigating the case, including taking statements from witnesses. Although there was no dispute about how the accident happened, one of our other clients was behind Ms. Basuki’s car at the time of the accident, as an interesting sidelight, and was able to provide detailed information as to how it happened.

Initially, the insurance adjuster offered $450,000 to settle the claim. After we filed a lawsuit and Ms. Basuki’s deposition was taken, the offer was raised to $500,000, though the insurance company insisted that there might have been some negligence on Ms. Basuki’s part. After the truck driver’s deposition was taken, settlement offers were gradually increased to approximately $750,000, at which time the case was settled.

Ms. Basuki will receive more than half a million dollars in cash plus payments for the rest of her life as part of the settlement.

When involved in an accident, it is important to be represented by an experienced personal injury lawyer. Insurance companies will pay as little as possible to settle any claim. It takes an attorney willing to do all the work necessary to move your case forward to achieve the maximum result. The experienced team at Hupy and Abraham are willing to do whatever it takes!

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