In a two-week span in late October and early November of 2011, Illinois motorcycle accident attorneys and Wisconsin car accident attorneys at Hupy and Abraham settled two separate accident claims at mediation for three-quarters of a million dollars each.

Illinois Motorcycle Accident

In a small Illinois town between Springfield and St. Louis, our client was a passenger on her husband's motorcycle when a driver, exiting her driveway, pulled directly into their path. Our client suffered a head injury with residual memory loss and difficulties in hearing, speaking, and comprehension.

The clients knew of Hupy and Abraham's experience helping injured riders prior to the accident after hearing a representative speak at an Accident Scene Management Instruction (ASMI) course in Wisconsin.

Attorneys Timothy W. Schelwat in Milwaukee and Vito J. Manicioto in Gurnee negotiated the $750,000 settlement with the defendant's insurer after a two-day mediation session.

Wisconsin Car Accident

After working a morning shift, our client was driving home in the right lane of Brown Deer Road to a ramp leading to Highway 57 in Wisconsin when a driver drove directly in front of him and caused a collision. The defendant was attempting to get on the same ramp from the opposite side of Brown Deer. The defendant allegedly was waved through by a car in the left lane that was backed up for a traffic light—which did not apply to our client—and failed to properly observe whether there were any vehicles in the right lane.

A manager of a local fast food restaurant, our client sustained a major injury to his right knee that required five different surgical procedures, including total knee arthroplasty.

This case was also settled at a mediation by Attorney Timothy W. Schelwat of Hupy and Abraham in Milwaukee for $750,000.

$750,000 - Two Settlements