In June 2005, Dennis Krueger was injured while on the job as a truck driver for Twin Lakes Transit. He sustained a fractured collarbone, multiple spine and rib fractures, spleen injuries, bruising to his heart, and knee and thigh injuries.

Following the truck accident, the at-fault driver was not forthcoming with his insurance information and our office investigated to find that the defendant had an insurance policy worth $500,000 to cover Mr. Krueger’s claim for damages.

Despite the fact that he had not yet completed all of his medical treatment, we were able to convince the insurance company to pay the full policy limits. Mr. Krueger received $500,000 as settlement for his injuries after extensive surgical and medical treatment, reached less than one year after his accident and without the necessity of a lawsuit.

The experienced team of Hupy and Abraham's hard work on the case allowed Mr. Krueger to keep a large portion of settlement proceeds that may have otherwise been owed to his worker’s compensation carrier for expenses it paid from this accident.

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