On February 20, 2013, our client Tanya Weyker was driving near the Milwaukee airport when Milwaukee County Deputy Sheriff Joseph Quiles rolled through a stop sign and T-boned her. Weyker was accused of drunk driving, and Deputy Quiles stated in his report that he came to a complete stop at the stop sign.

Weyker was hurt so badly she couldn’t even blow into a Breathalyzer, much less perform field sobriety tests. Nonetheless, she was arrested and faced drunken driving charges, which also made her liable for the damages of the accident.

The charges were dropped after Weyker’s blood tests proved she was sober and camera footage emerged showing Quiles rolling the stop sign. Quiles later admitted fault for the accident.

In the accident, Weyker broke four bones in her neck, but miraculously wasn’t paralyzed. Her personal injury claim was denied until video footage of the accident emerged. After being proven completely faultless, Attorney Todd Korb represented Weyker for her personal injury claim.

Attorney Korb obtained the maximum $250,000 for Weyker’s car accident claim. State law puts a $250,000 cap on claims against government agencies.