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Our client was from out-of-state and was visiting family in the area. She went to a large chain store to get some items. While walking down the beverage aisle, she slipped and fell on some spilled liquid that was not cleaned up. There were no warnings signs to alert our client of the liquid. She put out her hand to break her fall and sustained a non-displaced wrist fracture in the fall.  

The beverage company and the store both denied the claim. The beverage company argued that the store was responsible for cleaning up the liquid and placing warning signs, while the store argued that a beverage company employee failed to clean up the spill after stocking the shelves. 

Neither the beverage company nor the store accepted responsibility for the client’s wrist fracture. Attorney Shawn Brock filed suit. Shortly after the suit was filed, the beverage company agreed to settle the client’s case for $15,000.