Linda “Jo” Giovannoni is an early A.B.A.T.E. of Illinois member and former officer for the organization. She is also an inductee of several motorcycle halls of fame, a former magazine owner and editor and journalist, and a lifetime H.O.G. and Palatine H.O.G. member.

Jo was working at a Harley-Davidson dealership in Illinois when she was involved in a crash with a car driver who violated her right of way. No longer able to work at the dealership, she knew who to hire to represent her: Hupy and Abraham. She was so impressed she applied for a job and started to work for the law firm in its Gurnee, Illinois office.

While her case was pending, and through her work at the firm, she learned a lot about how insurance companies attempt to evade paying for their insured customers’ negligence. She said, “I’m very relieved to have had Hupy and Abraham in my corner, covering my back.”

She’s glad her case is over and confident she had the best representation.

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