A motorcyclist from Minnesota was riding through Iowa in June, 2010, when a semitrailer coming toward her crossed the center line. The cyclist swerved to avoid a collision, causing her to enter the shoulder area of the roadway. When she attempted to re-enter the highway, her rear tire hung up on the uneven surface between the roadway and shoulder, causing her to lay the bike down. The first semitrailer passed by her, but she slid into a second truck's trailer and was then hit by a third truck. She died instantly at the scene.

The insurance company for the truck driver that initially crossed the center line argued that there was no contact and the motorcyclist simply lost control. Witnesses had a different version of what actually happened and the insurance company offered $200,000 to settle.

Attorney Jason Abraham of Hupy and Abraham declined that offer and a lawsuit was filed. Before the case went to trial, the insurance company agreed to pay $710,000, and the case settled.


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