On August 14, 2002, Scott Beyer was on his way to work like every other day when, shortly after he left his home, a truck owned by the Pepsi Corporation pulled directly into the path of his motorcycle and caused a horrible truck accident.

As a result of the accident, he was rushed by ambulance to Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital where he was diagnosed with multiple broken bones. His injuries were so severe that he was hospitalized for over two months and required five surgical procedures to repair his fractured leg. Mr. Beyer was an exemplary patient and worked extremely hard in an attempt to put his life back together.

Directly following the accident, Mr. Beyer and his family contacted Hupy and Abraham in Milwaukee and our experienced team began working on the claim. Attorney Jason F. Abraham immediately hired an engineering expert to examine the motorcycle and the Pepsi truck in an attempt to avoid any argument that Mr. Beyer was substantially at fault for the accident. Thankfully, the expert was able to view both vehicles and the scene of the accident and come forward with favorable opinions.

The parties went to mediation before a lawsuit was filed and after approximately five hours of mediation, Attorney Abraham was able to get the case resolved with Pepsi paying $1.45 million.

About a year after the accident, Mr. Beyer was able to return back to work full-time. Although he still suffers with the lingering affects of this accident, we are proud to report that he is doing well.

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