In fall 2008, our client was driving a motorcycle in Walworth County, Wisconsin, when she was struck by a minivan. However, she never came off her bike, which also did not fall to the ground, and only suffered soft tissue injuries.

Before the accident, she had an extensive 15-year history of chiropractic visits, including eight treatments in the month-and-a-half leading up to the accident. After the accident, her chiropractor stated that there was an exacerbation of her preexisting condition and she would need about 25 percent more treatments for the rest of her life that she wouldn't have needed if the accident never happened.

The defense disputed liability and damages and made an offer of $8,500 while we were claiming about $25,000 in medical expenses, which were mostly for chiropractic treatment.

The defendant paid an orthopedic surgeon about $11,000 to testify at court after we had already conducted his videotaped testamentary deposition, which the defense decided not to play for the jury.

The jury found the defendant 100 percent at fault and awarded our client $75,600, almost triple our claims and 8.9 times more than the defendant's offer.