On August 6, 2008 in West Bend, Wisconsin, our client was operating her 2008 motorcycle when a vehicle suddenly rear-ended a GMC van and pushed it directly into her path, resulting in a catastrophic collision. She sustained a left thigh wound, sacral fractures, left femur fracture, left tibial plateau fracture, a pelvic fracture and dislocated elbow.

Based on the serious nature of her injuries, she was immediately rushed to Froedtert Hospital where, upon presentation to the emergency room, she was hypotensive and required an immediate blood transfusion. Thankfully, the trauma team was able to treat her properly and with much success. However, after two years of extensive treatment, surgeries, physical therapy and rehabilitation, our client was still left with serious injuries that would restrict her future employment.

Attorney Jason F. Abraham immediately began working on this case when it came into the firm.

The insurance company initially would not disclose the amount of insurance available, so a lawsuit had to be filed and Attorney Abraham learned that there was a $1.25 million policy limit from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Our client had approximately $425,000 in medical expenses as a result of the accident.

For months, the insurance company failed to offer all of the available insurance and Attorney Abraham continued to say no to any offer that was made under the policy limits.

After depositions were taken of the parties and Attorney Abraham continued to turn down all offers under the policy limits, the insurance company finally relented and paid the $1.25 million. Attorney Abraham was also able to get the client’s health insurance to reduce their lien to put more money in his client’s pocket.

The client was thrilled with this result!


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