On a sunny September day in Waukesha, Wisconsin, our client was riding her Harley-Davidson motorcycle to work and was less than a mile from her home when a truck unexpectedly made a left-hand turn from a side street directly into her path. It caused a horrific truck accident and she was rushed to the hospital, diagnosed with extensive life-threatening injuries. Despite receiving excellent medical care from her doctors, she was left with significant permanent injuries.

As a result of her injuries, she incurred medical expenses of approximately $750,000.

The insurance company, which insured a major trucking company, consistently denied responsibility for the accident based upon liability and claimed that the driver of the truck was actually an independent contractor.  Attorney Jason F. Abraham took on this fight and filed a lawsuit. After defeating several insurance company motions to have the case dismissed, he won an appeal and finally negotiated a settlement.

Attorney Abraham was successfully able to settle the case for $2.75 million. Thankfully, our client was able to receive a life-changing settlement that will enable her to move forward in a meaningful way in her life.

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