On July 18, 2002, former Northern Illinois A.B.A.T.E. President Paula White was delivering mail for the United States Postal Service when she received a phone call from the Pleasant Prairie Police Department, informing her that something terrible happened at her horse farm and to return there immediately. Extremely concerned, she drove home, worried not only about how her mail would get delivered but more importantly, whether something had happened to her husband David “Spock” White, who was working on the farm.

Arriving at her farm, she was met by a captain of the Pleasant Prairie Police who refused to give her information and instructed she wait by her vehicle. Concerned for her husband, she walked towards her house when the captain grabbed her by the back of the shirt and kicked at the back of her knees. She fell to the ground, hitting her knees, and the captain put his knee to the back of her neck as he held her arms behind her back. Some time later, she found out that she had been accused of stealing a horse trailer from another resident.

As a result of the assault, she sustained a fractured neck and knee injuries and required surgery. In addition to her injuries, she faced a lengthy court battle to prove her innocence of the stolen trailer.

In February 2004, a judge found her not guilty and dismissed the case. The alleged victim of the theft was charged with insurance fraud over the incident.

Attorney Chad Kreblin handled the court proceedings for Ms. White's injury claim and, along with Attorney Michael Hupy, settled during the mediation session for a confidential six-figure amount, eight times the original offer for our client.

She explained to us that other lawyers would not take her case, whether due to the complexity of it or simply not wanting to get involved. At Hupy and Abraham, we are always willing to listen to and understand the details of your case. We take the time not only for our clients but to investigate, question, examine, and plan to make our clients' cases as strong as possible.

Undisclosed Six-Figure Amount