On June 6, 1992, six-and-a-half-year-old Chiquita McCurry was coming home from school. She got off her school bus, went around to the back and crossed the street behind the bus. At that moment, another school bus was passing by in the opposite direction and hit Chiquita, dragging her body along the pavement. She suffered serious injuries and was hospitalized for several weeks.

The initial police investigation concluded that the bus driver who had struck Chiquita was not at fault and the bus company’s insurance carrier also claimed that driver was not responsible. Police reports can be in error and insurance companies frequently disclaim any responsibility for the injuries caused by their clients, though.

This is where the training and experience of the attorneys at Hupy and Abraham made a crucial difference.

Chiquita's mother contacted another lawyer first, but that firm seemed less than interested in the case. When she called Attorney Michael Hupy, he immediately began his own inquiry into the accident. He sent one of our investigators to take pictures and get witness statements while he gathered all of the documents on the case, including the accident scene photographs, the medical reports, and the doctor and hospital bills.

At this point, the insurance company continued to disclaim responsibility and decided to send a claims supervisor and structured settlement specialist from Florida to Milwaukee to participate in negotiations. Mr. Hupy hired his own structured settlement specialist as well, and the fight on Chiquita McCurry’s behalf continued. After a process of tough bargaining, the insurance company officials settled the claim for Chiquita’s injuries, though they still didn't admit fault.

We were able to secure a $2.1 million settlement for the little girl and have its guaranteed portions stretched out over 40 years, which will provide tuition and income for Chiquita during her college years. At the time, this was the largest settlement ever for this type of case.