Our client was injured when he attempted to stop his motorcycle suddenly, because the car in front of him stopped to avoid a ladder that had fallen off another vehicle. He locked up his brakes and the bike slid out from beneath him, resulting in multiple injuries, including broken bones and facial injuries. Our client was wearing a helmet at the time of the incident.

The insurance company for the truck that lost the ladder claimed that because the car stopped, the rider should have been able to stop also but instead lost control of his motorcycle. It also claimed the facial injuries were a result of the rider not wearing a full face helmet, which would have prevented those types of injury. For those reasons, it denied responsibility.

The rider hired Attorneys Michael Hupy and Todd Korb of Hupy and Abraham in Milwaukee to represent him in this difficult case.

After several years of negotiating a settlement, the insurance company made an offer of $1,000 at mediation. This was rejected by the client and the case went to trial. Attorneys Hupy and Korb successfully argued that the bike was confronted with an emergency and the jury agreed finding the defendant who dropped the ladder to be 100 percent at fault.

This case illustrates why hiring a law firm with a winning record and experience in settling difficult motorcycle cases is important. This case went from a total denial of liability to a $1,000 offer at mediation, and ended with a jury verdict of $81,000, finding the defendant 100 percent at fault.