After rejecting the insurance company’s initial offer of $4,000, Hupy and Abraham obtained a $27,500 settlement without a trial.

The client was riding as a passenger in his sister’s car as she drove straight through a controlled intersection. Unfortunately, a careless driver attempted to turn in front of them, causing an accident. The other driver’s insurance company tried to argue that the client’s shoulder injuries resulted from a previous worker’s compensation case and weren’t related to the accident. There was only one problem… they were referring to the wrong shoulder! Hupy and Abraham’s client had previously settled a worker’s comp case for a shoulder injury, but hurt the opposite shoulder in the accident.

Later on, the other driver’s insurance company tried to shift the blame for the accident even though they conceded 80 percent of the liability when the property damage claim was settled. The insurance company claimed that the other driver was stationary and didn’t cause the collision. But Hupy and Abraham utilized an eyewitness account to disprove that version of events and secure the $27,500 settlement, almost seven times more than the initial offer.