cross traffic does not stop sign and stop sign on rural road early evening

Our client was driving through an intersection when the defendant ran a stop sign striking her from the side. She suffered injuries to her neck, shoulder, back and hand.  Those injuries healed within a short time following the accident.   

As time progressed, she began exhibiting signs and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). She was reporting headaches, sensitivity to light and problems recalling words. The doctors ran tests to try and pinpoint a source of issues. Unfortunately, all tests came back negative.   

The insurance company argued that these symptoms were subjective in nature and it was improbable that someone would suffer from prolonged PTSD from the “minor” accident that had occurred. They also cited no head injury reported or noted at any time following the accident, and also noted her previous clinical headache diagnosis, which predated the accident. Eventually, they offered $100,000 to resolve the case. It was not accepted, and the case ultimately resolved for $397,500 without the need for a trial.