On April 17, 2006, in Marinette, Wisconsin, our client David Vertz was directing traffic for a Franks Logging Company truck that was in the process of backing up. The defendant, Roberta Schneider, tried to sneak around them, consequently hitting Mr. Vertz and running over his foot twice.

He was transported by ambulance to Bay Area Medical Center and diagnosed with a displaced right foot second metatarsal fracture, nondisplaced third and fourth metatarsal fractures, and a partial tear of his right ACL.

A week later, our client underwent surgery to repair his foot and two years later, a second surgery was performed to remove the hardware. According to his surgeons, he will require right shoe modification for the rest of his life and will likely continue to suffer with pain and range of motion loss permanently.

Wisconsin Mutual Insurance, the defendant’s insurance company, offered a small settlement before trial but it was rejected. At trial, Attorneys Michael Hupy and Jason Abraham were able to achieve a settlement of $250,000 in August 2009.

“I am happy that I was able to get $100,000 more for my client than the insurance company offered,” Attorney Abraham said upon conclusion.