Our client was a pedestrian crossing the street using a crosswalk in a well-lit section of town.  A van stopped to allow the pedestrian to cross. A vehicle behind the van was impatient and attempted to pass the van without looking for pedestrians. The vehicle never saw the pedestrian and struck him, throwing him to the ground.  As a result of the collision, our client the pedestrian sustained multiple injuries, including a broken leg requiring surgery.    

The pedestrian’s friend heard great things about Hupy and Abraham and recommended the pedestrian call the firm.  The pedestrian hired Hupy and Abraham and Attorney Brandon Derry filed a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance company.  The pedestrian made a great recovery and completed his medical treatment within six months.  Attorney Derry persuaded the insurance company to justly compensate the client for his 61pain and suffering.  Attorney Derry recovered $610,000 without the need for a lawsuit.  The client was very pleased with the result. 


Jason F. Abraham
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