Client Receives $100,000 Policy Limit From U-Turn Accident

Our clients were riding in a friend’s car when he was involved in an accident with another driver who performed a U-turn in front of their car.

The other driver’s insurance company denied liability and put all the blame on our clients’ friend. the friend’s insurance company offered their policy limits of $50,000 for our clients, Attorney James Theisen did not accept that the driver making the U-turn was free from negligence. Attorney Theisen convinced our clients to file suit against that driver, disregarding their claim of no negligence, and forced that driver’s insurance company to offer an additional $100,000 policy limit for one client and $70,000 for the other. 

Hupy and Abraham attorneys know through their years of experience how to maximize their client’s recoveries and get their clients the most money. 


James K. Theisen
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Associate Attorney, Hupy and Abraham