On April 25, 2010, Hupy and Abraham S.C.’s client was driving southbound on Highway 43 in New Berlin, Wisconsin on a dark, rainy night when a negligent motorist carelessly swerved into his driver-side door. The impact flipped the truck, deployed the airbags and totaled the vehicle.

The case involved two different insurance companies, both of which denied liability, prompting Hupy and Abraham, S.C. to file suit. After extensive litigation, the Court determined that the negligent driver used the vehicle without permission, so the vehicle’s insurance policy didn’t apply. Fortunately, the client had his own $100,000 Uninsured Motorist policy.

Our client’s medical bills totaled $54,000 and his doctor indicated that he would have back pain for the rest of his life. Once the Court agreed that the Uninsured Motorist policy applied, Hupy and Abraham obtained the $100,000 policy limit.