A Lake County woman was two blocks from home on an October evening when she was rear-ended while stopped waiting for traffic to clear. The impact was not a big impact and she did not feel pain immediately following the accident. But the next day she was experiencing neck and should pain and sought medical care. She treated conservatively for several months.


The insurance company made a very poor offer stating that they felt the medical billing was unreasonable and that the damage between the two vehicles did not justify paying a larger amount. Attorney, Vito Manicioto, immediately rejected the low offer and suggest to the client that he file a lawsuit on her behalf. Once the case was filed and written discovery was completed the Plaintiff and the Defendant both sat for their depositions.


After the depositions Attorney, Manicioto, was able to show defense counsel the true value of the claim. After short negotiations he was able to resolve the matter for nearly five times the original offer of settlement.