On March 20, 2001, our client was driving his school bus in Wisconsin's New Berlin School District when a vehicle suddenly crossed the center line and caused a massive accident. The bus driver was taken immediately to Froedtert Memorial Hospital with a serious leg injury that required surgery, but during the operation, he suffered a heart attack on the operating table. The injuries sustained from the post-accident events required an extended hospitalization.

At the time of the accident, our client was 70 years old and was working three jobs in an attempt to make ends meet.

When the insurance company first looked into the claim, their lawyers attempted to argue that he should not be compensated for the heart condition because—although our client had no symptoms—the heart condition must have been there before the accident. The insurance company also said that they actually saved his life. They initially offered $300,000 to settle this claim. Attorney Jason F. Abraham successfully got the insurance company to compensate the bus driver for all of his injuries, including the heart attack.

Thanks to the fortitude of the client and the hard work of Attorney Abraham, this case was settled for half a million dollars: $500,000.


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