A truck traveling westbound through an intersection in Milwaukee, Wisconsin when it hit a car in which sixteen-year-old Albert Jones, Jr., was a back-seat passenger. The truck driver admitted he did not see the car until just before the collision, despite clear visibility and no obstructions to block his view. The truck continued through the intersection, over a curb and across the sidewalk before slamming into the House of Peace at 17th & Walnut in Milwaukee, crashing through its wall and coming to rest 20 feet inside the building. After being hit by the truck, the car spun out of control and came to rest against a bus. The occupants of the car were removed by the jaws of life.

As a result of the accident, Albert suffered permanent brain damage and other injuries.

Albert’s father hired another law firm before turning to Attorney Michael Hupy. Twenty-one months after the lawsuit began and four months before the case was scheduled for trial, offers of $600,000 and $1.5 million were presented and rejected. We obtained $5 million for Albert Jones, Jr.

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