One night on a rural road in Kenosha County, Wisconsin, our client was driving at about 50 mph when her car struck the side of a semi trailer. The driver of the tractor trailer had realized he had missed his turn and, to correct his error, backed the rig into the middle of an intersection to turn around, moving directly in the path of our client's car. Our client was unable to see the rig in the dark and the trailer was not lighted.

The collision caused serious injuries to our client. Shortly afterwards, a sheriff's deputy arrived at the scene, saw that she was bleeding profusely, grabbed rags from his squad car and stemmed the bleeding by applying pressure to her wounds. His heroic action would save her life.

As a result of the accident, our client sustained severe injuries to her leg and incurred approximately $600,000 in medical expenses, but the insurance company disputed liability and denied our client's claim.

Attorney Jason F. Abraham filed a lawsuit and in the course of the litigation, he demonstrated to the insurance company that he would win the case and that our client deserved substantial compensation. Following lengthy negotiations, he secured a $2.1 million settlement for our client.

Upon conclusion of the case, she hugged Attorney Abraham and said that due to his hard work as well as the law firm's in winning her case and settlement, she would be able to lead a productive life despite her injury.


Jason F. Abraham
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