Near Monmouth, Illinois, our client was riding home when a driver in his late 80s made a left turn immediately in front of him. The collision caused severe injuries to our client and the medical bills as a result totalled almost $110,000. His life was overcome not only from the physical and emotional damages but the significant dollar amounts following.

After the accident, the insurance company quickly offered to pay its $100,000 liability policy limits, but that amount was not satisfactory given the severity of our client's injuries. Hupy and Abraham filed a lawsuit against the defendant and proceeded with litigation.

Through investigation by Attorneys Vito Manicioto in Gurnee and Timothy Schelwat in Milwaukee, it was discovered that the defendant was making a left turn into the private driveway to farmland that he owned at the time of the accident and that he had substantial assets.

Attorneys Manicioto and Schelwat were able to negotiate an additional $90,000 to be paid from the defendant out of his own assets in addition to the insurance company's $100,000 policy limits.