On August 16, 2009, a 29-year-old female was doing a favor for her hospitalized friend when she was viciously attacked and repeatedly bitten on her arms and legs by his pit bull. She sustained significant scarring from the many puncture wounds and incurred medical expenses and lost wages totaling $30,000.

American Family, the friend's homeowners insurance, alleged that she was trespassing on the property and denied payment on her claim.

Attorney Tim Schelwat of Hupy and Abraham in Milwaukee filed a lawsuit on her behalf and discovered that she had gone to the residence at her friend's request with his house keys to retrieve a laptop computer, cell phone charger, and toothbrush for him. Attorney Schelwat also found out that the pit bull had bitten someone previously, therefore raising the prospect of a double-damages award pursuant to Wisconsin statute.

The case was thereafter mediated and American Family agreed to pay $175,000.